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Venezuela: Persecution Builds Relentlessly for Civil Society and Dissidents

Amnesty USA

April 17, 2024

Credits @FFHR.CZ

“In Venezuela, Maduro’s government has started the year with an alarming intensification of the policy of repression that it uses to try to curtail civic space, critical voices and political opposition,” said Ana Piquer, Americas director at Amnesty International, in response to an escalating number of arbitrary arrests of human rights defenders and opposition activists, as well as proposed laws that would flagrantly violate human rights.

“The Venezuelan authorities in the executive, legislative and judicial branches have targeted human rights defenders like Rocío San Miguelopens in a new tab, civil societyopens in a new tab organizations like NGOs and humanitarian workers, and political oppositionopens in a new tab activists. The international community needs to know that these are not new or isolated events.

They’re part of a state policy against anyone who might be considered a threat to the current government’s continued grip on power.

These events could be included in the investigation into crimes against humanity being conducted by the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Courtopens in a new tab“.

In a new public statementopens in a new tab issued today, Amnesty International denounced a spike in arbitrary detentions, enforced disappearances, misuse of criminal law, violations of due process and fair trial guarantees, stigmatizing campaigns, and possible acts of torture against people perceived as critical of Nicolás Maduro’s government, which in this case are mainly linked to the Vente Venezuela opposition party. Meanwhile, the government has also been pushing forward repressive legislative bills to persecute civil society organizations and political dissidents with harsh punishments like prison sentences.

“The international community should be paying extremely close attention to the situation in Venezuela, and especially during this electoral period, to keep the repressive mechanisms of Nicolás Maduro’s government from limiting people’s rights to participate in public affairs.

The international community must support those who denounce violations and stand up for their rights in Venezuela.

We demand that the Venezuelan authorities end their policy of repression once and for all, and that they immediately and unconditionally release Javier Tarazona, Rocío Sanmiguel and everyone else who is detained for political reasons; retract the bills attacking civic space; and collaborate with international scrutiny and accountability mechanisms.”


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