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UN experts warn that violations of women and girls’ rights in Haiti continue with impunity

By Viënna van der Beek | Maastricht U. Faculty of Law, NL

May 8, 2024

Credits @FFHR.CZ

UN independent human rights experts warned Monday that violations of women and girls’ rights in Haiti are “continuing with impunity.” They said in a statement that increasing levels of violence, along with corruption and poor governance, are undermining the rule of law in Haiti, resulting in a weakening of the justice system.

According to the experts women and girls disproportionately suffer from the crisis in the country, with pre-existing inequalities and gender-based discrimination worsening the situation. The experts are concerned that criminal gangs continue to use sexual violence against women and girls as a tactic to create fear, obtain money by force, gain power and punish local communities. The violence is said to include trafficking, sexual exploitation and sexual slavery. The experts thus called on criminal gangs to end all forms of gender-based violence. Furthermore, the experts stressed that the authorities are failing to protect and fulfill the rights of women and girls in the crisis.

The experts urged authorities to take measures to ensure the participation of women in the peacebuilding process in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which itself calls on parties to take special measures to protect women and girls from gender-based violence.

Haiti has been dealing with a surge in gang violence over the past few years, with gangs controlling 80 percent of the country’s capital Port-au-Prince. The violence is worsening the human rights situation and humanitarian crisis in the country. On April 27, the UN Secretary-General urged Haitian authorities to quickly appoint a new prime minister and cabinet following the official installation of a Transitional Presidential Council (TPC) and the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.



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