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Young and fragile Uyghur minds indoctrinated with Chinese nationalistic propaganda

by UyghurTimes

July 26, 2022

In a series of tweets, a Norwegian-based Uyghur activist, Abduweli Ayup, highlights the brutal brainwashing of Uyghur children in Chinese state-run boarding schools.

In the Uyghurs' occupied homeland (East Turkistan, which the Chinese have renamed Xinjiang), Uyghur children have to practice Han Chinese culture, gradually losing their ethnic identity from an early age. On June 22, in the Uyghur kindergarten in Kelpin, Aksu, Uyghur children were taking part in these brainwashing exercises that are totally foreign to their cultural upbringing.

The Chinese government is imposing Han Chinese traditions on millions of Uyghurs, especially the kids in boarding schools, Abduweli Ayup, an Uyghur activist in Norway, tweets.

The Uyghur kids say they are Yan Huang's offspring (a nationalistic term for Han Chinese). In the end, they profess to be the offspring of the dragon. Yan Huang and dragon are Chinese methodologies that have nothing to do with Uyghur culture.

An Uyghur kid in a Chinese boarding school promises to be a solder for the Chinese liberation army. The instructor asks him to sacrifice his life and attack the country's enemies. It reminded me of my time in prison: My cell mates brutally targeted me as an enemy of the country, Abduweli Ayup writes.

Innocent Uyghur kids in Chinese boarding schools declare the communist party to be their mother, their family, who is feeding, protecting and educating them. They are brainwashed to believe that there are no other ideologies to follow except communism.

Uyghur kids around the Uyghur Homeland are praising the Chinese communist party and swearing to be torch holders for the communist idealogy in the future.

Some Chinese teachers even use the historical war against Japan as a nationalistic indoctrination for kids. Chinese soldiers instruct Uyghur kids on how to write Chinese: "All Chinese are one family."

According to #XinjianPoliceFiles, Aydingkol township has been heavily targeted during the mass arrests of Uyghurs, as 15 percent of the town's Uyghur population got arrested. The children in the state-run boarding schools most likely belong to these detainees.

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