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We Demand the Arrest of Xi Jinping and the CCP for Crimes Against Humanity

John Wallace started this petition to World Governments and Humanity

We demand the arrest of Xi Jinping Communist Party President of China, all the Chinese Communist Party and all the co-conspirators who have taken part in the extermination of the human race by purposely releasing the Covid19 "CCPVirus". The virus was created in a lab and was released on the world in the attempt to destabilize the world economy and bring nations to their knees. Xi Jinping has willingly taken part in the process which brought the virus out of Wuhan and made sure many nations across the globe were infected. The creation of the virus designed with malice intent. We the world hold Xi Jinping responsible and we want action from the world governments. Here's a link that shows the details of the exact crime the committed with evidence.

China is a 100% guilty of this crime against humanity.

The Covid19 virus came from Bat DNA, HIV and various other compounds to bring it to its destructive capacity. The Plan of the CCP and Xi Jinping was executed to weaken their rival counties to get them an advantage on the world market. They couldn't win a war face to face so their idea was to give a blow to wound the world.


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