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Uyghurs in Japan have protested Pakistan’s backing of China’s genocide of Muslim Uyghurs

April 8, 2022

Uyghurs in Japan demonstrated in Tokyo, urging Pakistan to end its backing for China’s ‘genocide’ of Uyghur Muslims. “Today, in the holy Ramadan period, we, the Uyghurs living in Japan, are making this kind of demonstration, to ask the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to stop supporting the genocide of Uyghur Muslims by China immediately!” wrote Turmuhamet Hashim, president of the Japan Uyghur Union, in a letter to the Pakistani government. Prime Minister Imran Khan and other Pakistani politicians must realise that they are Muslims and must reflect on their misdeeds before Allah.

If Imran Khan and the Pakistan government want to be a true leader of the Islamic world, the right way is supporting and helping the Uyghur Muslim brothers and sisters, who are facing genocide by China right now!” the letter added. Slamming Pakistan, the President of Japan Uyghur Union said, “As an Islamic country, it would be unconscionable and in clear disregard of your own moral values and principles to close your eyes to the terrible fate of millions of your Muslim brothers and sisters.” “If Pakistan Government continues the silence on China’s egregious crimes against Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslims in East Turkistan (so-called Xinjiang), it would be not only shameful things to your country, but also it would be a terrible crime in front of Allah Suhanallah!” it noted.

Moreover, it stated that the presence of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi as ‘special guest’ in the 48th Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Pakistan on 22 and 23 March comes at the time when more than three million Uyghur Muslims are in concentration camps in China. While condemning Pakistan for its support to China, the Japan Uyghur Union added, “Because the Pakistan government used its special title to invite Wang Yi as “special guest”, it gave him the chance to pull the wool over eyes of whole Islamic world!

All the world knows that the Uyghur Muslims of East Turkistan (Xinjiang) are facing “genocide” and cultural aggression from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), said the letter. It expressed its condemnation towards the Chinese FM Wang and said that he not only used this occasion to push CCP’s narrative of how well Muslim minorities in China are treated, but also said, “China and the Islamic world both enjoy a profound history, seek similar values, and share historic missions”. “A country like China, with its genocide of Uyghur Muslims, how can they say that they have same values with Muslims? How can they say that the Chinese communist shares same historic mission with holy Islam?! This is a big shame of Pakistan and a big insult to all Muslims in the world!” it stated in the letter.


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