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Uyghurs in Japan commemorate 25th memorial anniversary of Ghulja Massacre

by UyghurTimes

Feb 07, 2022

Photo courtesy: Uyghur Info on Twitter

Uyghurs in Japan gathered on the streets on Saturday to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Ghulja Massacre, Uyghur Info wrote on Twitter. The Chinese security forces arbitrarily arrested thousands of Uyghurs in 1997, after what had started as a legitimate protest against the Chinese repression.

The protestors in Tokyo distributed 2,000 copies of Uyghur testimony manga booklets about the life of Mihrigul Tursun, a young Uyghur woman who had experienced Chinese extrajudicial detainment and lost one of her babies due to medical neglect. The protesters in Japan will continue to hand out the booklets every month on the streets of Tokyo.

Photo courtesy: Uyghur Info on Twitter

One protestor with a Twitter account named @YONJI85412376 wrote: "It was a challenging day today, but when I explained how the booklet came about, some people got interested and took a copy home with them. There are still many people who do not know [what is happening to Uyghurs].

The memorial demonstration enabled the Uyghurs in Japan to voice their objections against the Beijing Winter Olympics. A country that has arbitrarily arrested Uyghurs' family members and separated children from their parents should not have been allowed the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games.


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