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Uyghur students in Germany: What if it happened to you?

By UyghurTimes

Apr 19, 2022

Image: Uiguren Twitter

“What if it happened to you” is a campaign devoted to helping to end the Uyghur genocide happening under the Chinese communist regime. The organizers promote human rights, freedom, and justice for the Uyghur people. Their goal is to educate people about the oppression and genocide of the Uyghur people.

The group consists of German students with Uyghur and Turkish roots. For those who have family in East Turkestan, “What if it happened to you” is a very passionate project.


Currently, the activists of #whatifithappenedtoyou are touring in Germany. After successful visits to Frankfurt and Munich since the beginning of April, the next protest is scheduled for April 22 in Köln.

The interactive exhibition enables participants to learn about the current genocide in Uyghuristan/EastTurkistan. The simple approach challenges the participants: By remaining silent, you are part of the problem!

The campaign credits Het Actie Fonds, UZDM, Campaign for Uyghurs & Victims of Communism for making the project possible.


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