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Uyghur singer Tursun Sheyih sentenced to ten years in prison

By Uyghurian - UyghurTimes

Translated by Anne Kader - Uyghur Times English Edition

April 10, 2022

The Chinese authorities have sentenced the renowned Uyghur singer and musician, Tursun Sheyih, to ten years in prison on July 30, 2021, Uyghur Times Uyghur edition reports. Uyghur scholar Abduwali Ayub confirmed the news to Uyghur Times on April 3.

Tursun Sheyih is a shining star in the Uyghur performance scene and is one of the most influential representatives of contemporary Uyghur music.

Sheyih has always been an explorer in the field of arts and has created his unique style. He has also shown his talent in songwriting, poetry, and acting.

Sheyih has become one of the most sought-after Uyghur artists globally, combining traditional guitar and flamingo style. He has published audio and video recordings such as Ayrilish Aldidiki Sir (Secret before leaving), Yétimning ahi (Orphan's Sorrow), Hayat Risalisi (The Theory of Life), Ana Tilim (Mother Tongue), and Kéchilerde (At Night).

In 2016, Tursun Sheyih hosted a large-scale live music event in Urumqi, performing with well-known guitarists like Erkin Abdullah, Akbar Kahriman, and Shirali. The concert received praise in terms of quality and scale.

After graduating from the Aksu School of Art and working for the Cultural Bureau for some time, he went to explore the Chinese provinces. He later returned to Urumqi to engage in Uyghur art and innovations.

In his early days, Tursun Sheyih challenged and criticized traditional notions of Uyghur music and art. Later, however, he re-explored the national music and the Uyghur cultural heritage.

Some suggest that Tursun Sheyih's works on the protection of the Uyghur language and culture, his writings on Uyghur nationalism, and his views on Uyghur art may have led to his imprisonment.

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