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Uyghur protestors install mock labor camp outside Apple store in Washington DC

by UyghurTimes

Mar 06, 2022

Image: Uyghur American Association

By Yusupjan

(translated from Uyghur Times UyghurEdition)

WASHINGTON - Uyghur demonstrators last week installed a mock forced labor camp outside the Apple store in Washington DC, hours ahead of the company’s annual shareholder meeting, Uyghur American Association tweets.

Apple investors voted on the 'SumOfUs' shareholder proposal calling for transparency on Uyghur forced labor in Apple’s supply chain.

The purpose of the protest was to call on Apple to suspend its operations in factories connected to forced Uyghur labor. The American Uyghur Federation is one of the Uyghur organizations lobbying for a bill to stop forced labor.

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