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Uyghur-Australian chiropractor runs for Australian Parliament

By UyghurTimes

April 10, 2022

Image: Inty Elham Twitter

Intezar Elham, 28, was born and raised in Adelaide to Uyghur-Australian parents. She is a healthcare professional running a successful business. On her website, she says that she never saw herself entering politics. But because her grandparents fled the brutality of the Authoritarian Chinese government, she says she cannot sit by and watch the Chinese Communist Party corrupt Australia and our democracy.

Ms. Elham's goals are as follows:

Fight the efforts of the Chinese dictatorship to corrupt our politics.

• Support the AUKUS submarine deal.

• Fight climate change

• Ease cost of living pressures.

• Fight corruption in our democracy.

• Pressure the government to end our economic over-reliance on China.

• Support First Nations People.

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