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US Uyghur Language School Celebrates Mother Language Day

by UyghurTimes

Feb 24, 2022

Gulzar Uyghur (US) - Uyghur News Agency (Uyghur Edition)

Translated by Anne Kader UT English Edition

The US Uyghur Mother Tongue School in Fairfax, Virginia, hosted a 'Mother Tongue Day' event attended by the parents of the Uyghur students and many regular Americans learning Uyghur.

The founder, and the principal of the school, Ms. Suriye, introduced the school's aspirations: To preserve and promote Uyghur culture and the Uyghur language as the mother tongue of the Uyghur children. She also thanked the parents and the school volunteers.

The students, instructed by the staff, performed different pieces inspired by Uyghur culture and history. The event laid a foundation for the future of Uyghur children with a deeper understanding of Uyghur identity, pride of being an Uyghur, and an even closer relationship with one another.

At the event, well-known poets such as Tahir Hartmut, Dr. Abdurrahman, and others presented their works influenced by their love for the Uyghur mother tongue.

Since its inception, the school has been running without financial support from any government agency or organization. The support of the parents and the community has been essential for the school to function. "We have not asked for any financial assistance from the community, but we need the support of our people to continue our work," the principal said.

We want the future Uyghur generation to inherit the same Uyghur national spirit that the famous historical figures had, such as Mahmud Kashghari, Yusuf Khas Hajib, Amanisakhan, Nuzugum, Abdukhalik Uyghur, Abdurehim Otukur.

The Uyghur Mother Tongue Language School in Virginia has overcome many difficulties since its inception in 2017 and developed into a relatively large school with nine teachers, fifteen volunteers, and nearly one hundred students. The school continues to teach online even during the pandemic.


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