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UN rights envoy receives $200,000 from China in exchange for whitewashing Uyghur genocide

By UyghurTimes

May 19, 2022

Image: Screenshot from the 'Xinjiang Promotion video"

China has given $200,000 to a United Nations human rights envoy, Alena Douhan, to help the regime whitewash their ethnic cleansing of the Uyghurs, the UN Watch reports. On Wednesday, Douhan wraps up a propaganda visit to Iran. Hillel Neuer, the head of the UN Watch calls on the US to condemn this cynical abuse of the UN.

According to information buried on page 50 of this 83-page UN filing, Alena Douhan, the UNHRC Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures (dictators' term for Western sanctions) received $200,000 from China.

In exchange, Douhan lent the platform of her United Nations Human Rights Council mandate for the most extreme forms of Chinese disinformation, including an official regime-sponsored propaganda event covering up Beijing's persecution of the Uyghurs, Hillel Neuer tweets.

In December, after she took China's $200,000, Douhan suddenly appeared at this Chinese regime event, lending UN legitimacy to a series of propaganda videos & speeches that covered up the herding of 1 million Uyghurs into camps, falsely portraying Xinjiang as a utopia.

In September, she was the lead speaker at a Chinese-sponsored event against Western sanctions. This so-called independent human rights expert at the United Nations Human Rights Council received $25,000 from Qatar, $150,000 from Russia, and $200,000 from China.

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