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Two Uyghurs under threat of deportation from Saudi Arabia to China

By Anne Kader

March 18, 2022

Saudi Arabia has transferred two detained Uyghurs, Hamdullah Wali, and Nurmuhammad Rozi to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia from Jeddah, where they had been held without a trial since November 2020. There are fears that these could be preparations for their deportation to China.

The daughter of Hamdullah Wali made a public appeal on Twitter for the release of her father, who had visited Saudia Arabia for Umrah in January 2020. After performing the pilgrimage, Wali could not leave the country, as Saudi Arabia closed its borders due to the COVID outbreak.

For two years Mr. Wali and his friend Nurmuhammad Rozi have been detained in Dhahban Prison in Jeddah. On Friday this week, his daughter received news that her father and Mr. Rozi had been transferred to Riyadh. In January 2022 the police had already told the men that they would be deported to China.

Deporting Uyghurs to China places them in immediate danger of maltreatment such as imprisonment, torture, or even death, in the hands of the Chinese Communist regime.

Wali's daughter appealed to global human rights organizations to save her father and his friend Mr. Rozi.

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