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Tibetans in Japan hold anti-China protests to mark 63rd Tibetan Uprising Day


March 12, 2022

Tokyo [Japan], March 12 (ANI): Members of the Tibetan community and other activists marked the 63rd anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising Day outside the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo on Saturday.

Remembering their homeland that has been under illegal Chinese occupation since 1950, the protestors recalled the loss of their language, culture and way of life in Tibet, and urged the world to join their voice for freedom of Tibet from the Chinese yoke.

Later in the day, they were joined by more supporters, and over 60 persons gathered in Asakusa, a busy area that is rich with cultural and religious symbolism.

They raised slogans and expressed their worry over continuing human rights violations by China in ethnic minority areas.

The organisers called the Chinese government to respect its own Constitution and give the ethnic minorities in China their basic rights so that they do not feel like second class citizens, even if they are living under occupation by a brutal regime.

March 10 marks a very important day for Tibetan people all over the world.

It was on this day in 1959, when the Tibetans revolted against the forcible occupation of their motherland by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Tibetan uprising in 1959 began as a spontaneous act of peaceful protest demonstrations against the Chinese in the capital Lhasa which later turned violent in which thousands of Tibetans were killed by the marauding soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). (ANI)

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