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Tibet Support Group Japan thanks Japan Parliament on Tibet resolution

Staff Reporter

February 12, 2022

Mr. Manikno Seishu, former Member of Japanese Parliament, and Dr. Arya Tsewang Gyalpo, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Japan.

Tokyo: Tibet Support Groups in Japan welcomed and thanked the Japan Parliament for the recent resolution condemning China on human rights violations and religious freedom in Tibet and other occupied regions during its online meeting today.

Mr. Makino Seishu, a former member of Parliament and chairman of Save Tibet Network, welcomed the delegates and congratulated the members for the recent Japanese Parliament’s resolution. He said it is good that the Japanese parliamentarians have now realized the importance of Tibet and the threat that China poses for international peace and harmony. He thanked Mr. Nagao Takashi, the outgoing General Secretary of the Japan Parliamentary Support Group for Tibet (JPSGT), for his dedicated work and welcomed Mr. Ishikawa Akimasa, the New General Secretary.

Mr. Makino Seishu thanked the special guests from the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Kalon Norzin Dolma of the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR), and Mrs. Dolma Tsering, Deputy Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-exile for attending the online meeting.

Mr. Nagao Takashi and Mr. Ishikawa Akimasa attended the online meeting as special guests to greet and address the Tibet Support Group members. Mr. Nagao Takashi briefly explained how the Tibet resolution came up and thanked all those who contributed to getting it passed. But he lamented the weak wording in the resolution and promised to work for a stronger statement.

Mr. Ishikawa Akimasa greeted the special guests from the CTA and the TSG representatives. He expressed his readiness to coordinate with the TSG and the parliament members to keep the Tibet issue alive in the Parliament. With this maiden resolution, he said a way had been paved for a more assertive and forceful resolution in the future, and he solicited everyone’s effort for a stronger Japan.

In their speeches, Kalon Norzin Dolma and Deputy Speaker Dolma Tsering thanked the Japan Parliament for the resolution raising serious concern on the human rights situation in Tibet. They expressed their happiness to meet the TSG members and participate in the meeting, albeit online. Furthermore, they thanked Mr. Makino Seishu, Mr. Nagao Takashi, Mr. Ishikawa Akimasa, Representative Dr. Arya, and the TSG members for all their efforts in keeping the Tibet issue alive and vibrant in Japan.

Representative Dr. Arya briefly appraised the members of the office’s major events during the year. He detailed his visits to the Parliament and the opportunities received to explain the Tibet issue to the members of the Parliament. He thanked Mr. Nagao and the Japan Parliamentary Support Group for Tibet, who were instrumental in getting the recent Tibet resolution passed in the Parliament. He also thanked Super Samgha, an association of Japanese monks and laypeople, who issued a statement condemning China for the religious repression in Kham Drakgo region of Tibet.

Representatives of the TSG briefly talked about their groups and their activities. They expressed happiness over the Parliament’s recent resolution to condemn China for human rights violations. Still, they were unanimous in saying that they all should work hard to have a more substantial resolution passed in the Parliament in the future.

The TSG members resolved to issue an appreciation letter to the Japan Parliamentary Support Group for Tibet and the Representatives of all Political parties for their unanimous support for the resolution expressing grave concern for human and religious rights violations in Tibet and other occupied regions.

Mr. Lobsang Choedak, Additional Secretary at Kashag, and Mr. Lekphel of Tibet This Week Japanese Newscaster interpreted for the Kalon and the Deputy Speaker, respectively. Ms. Tsetan and Ms. Palmo of TSG-Desk also participated in the online meeting.

– Filed by the Office of Tibet, Japan

Mr. Nagao Takashi, former General Secretary of the Japan Parliamentary Group for Tibet, addressing the members.

Mr. Ishikawa Akimasa, Member of Parliament and the General Secretary of the Japan Parliamentary Group for Tibet, speaking at the meeting.

Kalon Norzin Dolma la of DIIR, Central Tibet Administration (CTA) with interpreter Addl. Secretary Mr. Lobsang Choedak.

Deputy Speaker Dolma Tsering, Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile with interpreter Mr. Tenzin Lekphel of Tibet this week Japanese.

A screenshot: a glimpse of the Tibet Support Group Japan online meeting.


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