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This happened for the first time with Saudi Arabia

Dozens of countries criticized it, said – now it should improve – Saudi Arabia hears critic of its human rights record at human rights council meeting Geneva

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January 24, 2024

Saudi Arabia is emerging as a major power in the Middle East under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but the Kingdom is facing criticism in terms of human rights. At the United Nations on Tuesday, more than a dozen countries criticized Saudi Arabia over women’s freedom, prosecution for not speaking out in favor of the regime, rampant execution of civilians and alleged killing of migrants on its border with Yemen. Strongly criticized the Islamic country regarding the issues.

Saudi Arabia’s human rights record was formally reviewed at the UN Human Rights Council for the first time since November 2018. During this, the Saudi delegation said that since the last review, their country has made more than 50 reforms for women.

Delegates told the UN Human Rights Council that Saudi Arabia has abolished flogging as a form of punishment, minors can no longer be executed there, judges are independent and migrant workers are now better protected by law. .

According to a report by news agency AP, Hala Al Tuwaijri, chairperson of the Saudi National Human Rights Commission, said, ‘Progress is being made continuously in this.’

Germany’s representative, Christina Hauck, said Germany appreciates Saudi Arabia’s wide-ranging efforts to improve women’s rights, but there are “severe restrictions” on freedom of expression and the right to press freedom in the kingdom.

‘Saudi Arabia should change its definition of terrorism’

During the Saudi human rights review meeting, member countries repeatedly urged the Kingdom to change its definition of terrorism. Saudi’s current definition of terrorism is such that people face trial even for criticizing the Kingdom.

During this time, America raised the issue of killing of migrants on the Saudi border with Yemen. Such killings were first exposed by human rights organization Human Rights Watch last year.

US Ambassador to the Human Rights Council Michelle Taylor said that Saudi Arabia should conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation into all the allegations against its security forces. There are allegations that Saudi Arabia’s security forces are killing and mistreating migrants crossing the Saudi border with Yemen. America said that Saudi should stop this and investigate these allegations and issue a public report.

During this period, many countries expressed concern over the lack of protection for domestic workers, gender-based violence and retaliatory actions against human rights activists and media workers.

While on one hand more than a dozen countries were criticizing Saudi, on the other hand, Saudi’s supporting countries like Morocco, Bahrain and Qatar were also praising its improvement in human rights.


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