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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 08.04.2022

UN Experts say Uyghurs must not be extradited to China

UN human rights experts* today called on the Government of Saudi Arabia to uphold its obligations not to extradite two Chinese nationals belonging to the Uyghur minority, saying they risked serious violations of their human rights if they are returned to China.

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In Memoriam: Ablikim Turkel

Ablikim Turkel was a mathematician, who graduated from Xinjiang University, and became a professor at Kashgar University, where he taught until the late 90s. His son, Nury Turkel became the first US-educated Uyghur lawyer in the United States.

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Saudi Arabia: Uyghur Girl, 13, among four “Facing Deportation” and torture

Saudi authorities must immediately release four Uyghurs, including a 13-year-old girl and her mother – who are at grave risk of being taken to repressive internment camps if sent back to China, Amnesty International said today amid fears that deportation plans for the group may already be under way.

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UK Parliament: The Battle Continues on “Genocide” Healt Purchases from Xinjiang

MPs have pledged to continue fighting, with a new round of political ping pong launched by the UK House of Commons last week, after a recent Lords’ victory voting to ban the procurement of medical equipment from areas of the world at “serious risk of genocide.

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Police in China's Guangdong move ahead with subversion trial of femminist journalist

Authorities in the southern province of Guangdong have moved to prosecute feminist activist and journalist Sophia Huang and fellow activist Wang Jianbing, rights groups reported. Police issued a notification that they had transferred the cases of Huang and Huang to the Guangzhou municipal prosecution service on March 27.

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How Australian Universities are working to counter China's loball attack on academic freedom

"Here in Australia, the culture, customs, and rules are different," the university advised students. "You can disagree about anything. You can have different opinions in class. You can write about your beliefs and opinions. You can show your beliefs in public."

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Young Uyghur-Australian to run for seat in Australia's Parliament

A young Uyghur-Australian chiropractor is running for a seat in Australia’s Parliament in part to address China’s threats to the continent and to Uyghurs in Xinjiang and elsewhere in the world.

Intezar Elham said she wants to be a stronger voice against Chinese persecution of Uyghurs.

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