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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 23.06.2023

I Escaped, But Not to Freedom”: Failure to Protect Uyghur Refugees

All but one of the Uyghur refugees interviewed for this report either currently have, or they once had, UNHCR refugee status. However, none expressed any confidence that their status protected them from refoulement to the PRC, or offered a realistic prospect of being resettled by UNHCR to a third country. The remaining interviewee, Perhat, was convinced by his circle of friends in Turkey not to contact UNHCR at all. He told UHRP that those friends who already had UNHCR status when he arrived in Turkey explained to him, “They are completely useless to us. They do nothing for us.”

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How China’s leader Xi Jinping is resetting his agenda with a greater focus on ‘bread and butter’ policies

A number of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pet projects have been given a new lease on life as he seeks to reset his policy agenda. Since Xi started an unprecedented third term as state president in March – completing a leadership shake-up that put key supporters in leading positions – analysts say that some of the policies he has focused on suggest that social development will take greater prominence.

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Germany's Scholz: I warned China on using force against Taiwan

Chancellor Olaf Scholz told the German parliament on Thursday that he had warned China during talks earlier this week against using force to achieve territorial changes, particularly against Taiwan. Scholz hosted a large Chinese delegation led by Premier Li Qiang in the first face-to-face summit since the pandemic this week, at a time of rising geopolitical tensions between the West and China.

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Singapore newspaper article on Biden's 'dictator' comment blocked in Hong Kong

Internet users in Hong Kong have been unable to access an online newspaper article describing how U.S. President Joe Biden called Chinese president Xi Jinping a "dictator," sparking a fresh war of words between the two superpowers in the wake of a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken that was supposed to have eased tensions.

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Chinese Hacker Group 'Flea' Targets American Ministries with Graphican Backdoor

Foreign affairs ministries in the Americas have been targeted by a Chinese state-sponsored actor named Flea as part of a recent campaign that spanned from late 2022 to early 2023. The cyber attacks, per Broadcom's Symantec, involved a new backdoor codenamed Graphican. Some of the other targets included a government finance department and a corporation that markets products in the Americas as well as one unspecified victim in an European country.

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China’s premier Li Qiang in Germany on first overseas duty visit

Li, who was named as premier in March, was received by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, with dinner planned later Monday with Chancellor Olaf Scholz. But the bulk of his visit will take place during so-called “government consultations” with Scholz’s cabinet on Tuesday, after which Li heads to France to attend a climate financing summit hosted by President Emmanuel Macron.

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GOLDSTEIN: Ex-spy chief warned of China’s interference in 2010 — he was almost fired

Thirteen years ago, the then newly-appointed director of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service warned Canadians about the growing threat of interference by China. It almost ended Richard Fadden’s career. It’s also why he would be an excellent choice to head a public inquiry into foreign interference today. In 2010, he warned us that politicians and public servants were under the influence of Beijing, that China was exerting influence on Canadians of Chinese origin and that academic relationships between Canadian universities and China were another source of interference.

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