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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 03.03.2023

Hollywood spreading China propaganda: Report

China is influencing Hollywood studios and using American films to promote communist propaganda as part of a grand strategy seeking global hegemony, according to a report by two Army officers. Hollywood has established financial ties with the Chinese film industry, one of the world’s largest movie markets. Once a financial relationship is established, the studios are beholden to the wishes of the party that controls all filmmaking operations in China, the report said.

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U.S. seeks fresh ways to crack down on Chinese tech industry

With strict limits already in place on China's access to U.S. technology, the federal government is exploring how to further tighten the vise amid growing political and economic tensions. Cracking down on China has support from both parties, though there isn't always agreement on exactly which steps to take. In a move designed to significantly limit China's ability to grow its own semiconductor industry, the U.S. has convinced the Netherlands and Japan to greatly curtail their exports of leading-edge chipmaking gear to China.

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Rubio Releases U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda for the Indo-Pacific

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) reintroduced six bills that would counter the growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), both at home and in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as uphold human rights in North Korea. “Let there be no doubt that the CCP remains a direct threat to our national security interests and to a free and open Indo-Pacific. Whether it’s the CCP’s lack of transparency on the origins of COVID-19 or their absurd claims over the South and East China Seas, this genocidal regime knows no limits. We must wake up and counter Beijing’s dangerous coercion.”

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The Uyghurs should have no better friend than Israel

After World War II and the tragedy of the Holocaust, the world adopted a phrase that expressed its newfound resolve: “Never again.” Never again would the world stand by and watch an entire people group be targeted for extinction. Never again would the world allow tyrants and thugs to engage in genocide without consequences. But today, the world is doing just that with respect to the Uyghur people of East Turkistan.

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New York Man Arrested for Assaulting Falun Gong Adherent

A man has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a Falun Gong adherent who volunteers at an information booth in New York’s Flushing neighborhood. Qi Zhongping, 77, insulted and physically attacked Falun Gong practitioner David Fang, leaving Fang with multiple scrapes on his neck, hand, and knee. Adherents say that Qi has for years harassed adherents at the stand, although this is the first time he has been criminally charged.

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Western Academics Are Fighting for Disappeared Friends in Xinjiang

Joanne Smith Finley, a British expert in Uyghur studies, will never forget when she learned that her dear friend Abdurehim Heyit was detained in 2017. “When I heard he had been interned, I was absolutely distraught. I just collapsed into tears,” she said. “I was imagining awful things. I was imagining that they would break his hands. I was thinking, ‘What would I do if I wanted to break the will or the spirit of a huge cultural figure in Uyghur society who plays the dutar [lute]?’ I would break his hands.”

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Uyghurs Find Out What Happened to Missing Loved Ones in Xinjiang

For the first time, Uyghurs around the world have been able to find answers about their missing family in Xinjiang through an unprecedented new search portal. The Xinjiang Person Search Tool came to light through the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC), a US-based non-profit, after Chinese police files were anonymously hacked. The tool – which holds 700,000 personnel files – has provided the Uyghur diaspora an opportunity to find evidence of missing family members, including their charge sheets, sentencing, detention status and whereabouts.

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