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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 09.12.2022

David Lin: China Promises to Free in 2030 American Pastor Detained Since 2006

An American pastor has been detained in China since 2006. The U.S. administration’s efforts to have him released have now achieved a result, as in the eve of the Biden-Xi Jinping meeting in Bali the pastor had his life imprisonment penalty reduced to 24 years, meaning he should be free in 2030.

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Report Alleges Use of Uyghur Forced Labor in Global Auto Supply Chain

A report issued this week alleges that the supply chain serving the global automobile industry is deeply intertwined with companies that either make direct use of forced labor in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, or that purchase raw materials and other products from companies that do.

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Hollywood Should Stand with Protesters against China’s Oppression

Last weekend, thousands of Chinese took to the streets — from Ürümqi to Hong Kong to Shanghai to Beijing — demanding freedom and human rights. The catalyst for the latest demonstrations was a devastating fire on November 24 in an apartment building in Ürümqi; at least ten residents, all Uyghurs, were trapped inside and died. Xi Jinping’s draconian zero-Covid lockdowns, which contributed to these deaths, have prompted righteous fury.

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Monitor claims China running secret police centers around globe, including Israel

China has established a secret police presence in Israel as well as dozens of other countries around the world as part of an effort to monitor its citizens abroad, and in some cases spirits them back to the country against their will, a watchdog has said.The 35-page report by Madrid-based Safeguard Defenders, published Sunday, lists over 100 Chinese police stations allegedly set up in 53 countries.

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Hackers linked to Chinese government stole millions in Covid benefits, Secret Service says

Hackers linked to the Chinese government stole at least $20 million in U.S. Covid relief benefits, including Small Business Administration loans and unemployment insurance funds in over a dozen states, according to the Secret Service.

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China spends huge amount to spread propaganda against Uyghurs: Report

China’s genocidal policy against Uyghurs, an ethnic Turkish group that inhabits Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, has witnessed another level as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is paying influencers and production companies to propagate against the minority.

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China loses grip on global manufacturing

Global manufacturing’s center of gravity is moving away from China. Decades of geopolitics built on economic dependence stand to be impacted. Apple has accelerated plans to move some of its production outside of China as its business is being hurt by stringent COVID policies, according to a WSJ report over the weekend.

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