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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 18.11.2022

China vows to continue its draconian zero-Covid policy

Mehmet Tursun, an Uyghur intellectual residing in Washington DC, told the Uyghur Times that the ill-intention of the inhumane Chinese covid policies in the Uyghur homeland might pose more dangerous threats than even concentration camps. The lives of Uyghur people are in more danger than ever.

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US customs pauses ACE forced labour change on ‘industry concerns’

According to law firm Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, the CBP said it was halting plans due to go live this month of a new alert that would “provide early notification to importers of goods that may have been produced in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China” and would therefore be subject to further scrutiny regarding forced labour under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

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International Uyghur Forum Concludes With Brussels Declaration

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC), in partnership with HASENE International and the International Union of East Turkistan NGOs (IUETO), organised the International Uyghur Forum (IUF) in Brussels from November 9-10, 2022 under the motto “Global Response to Uyghur Genocide”. Upon conclusion of the two-day event, IUF issued the Brussels Declaration which evaluates eight ongoing issues in East Turkistan and called upon all participants and relevant parties to take immediate action on 13 areas. The declaration was signed by Dolkun Isa, President of WUC; Mesud Gülbahar, Chairman of Hasene Int.; and Hidayetullah Oguzhan, President of IUETO

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Several Taiwanese NGOs extend support to Uyghurs and their demand for independence

"As human rights workers in Taiwan, the least we can do is speak out for the Uyghurs on the anniversary of the establishment of the East Turkestan Republics," Shih Yi-Hsiang, secretary-general of the Taiwan Association for Human Rights, at an event in Taipei to mark that milestone, told Focus Taiwan.

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Canada readies new Indo-Pacific strategy amid tense China ties

Rishi Sunak has hinted he will abandon plans to declare China a “threat” to national security as part of a major review of British foreign policy. Speaking to reporters traveling with him to the G20 summit in Bali, the British prime minister softened his language on Beijing and twice refused to back his predecessor Liz Truss’ plans to elevate China’s status to that of a “threat” in an upcoming refresh of the U.K. government’s foreign and defense priorities.

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Long-running Chinese surveillance campaign targets Uyghurs, researchers say

Researchers from Lookout Threat Lab have since 2018 analyzed multiple Uyghur-language Android apps and now say they have been infected with a couple of strains of spyware. They add to the already extensive collection of spying programs against Uyghurs, China’s Turkic Muslim minority, mostly living in the region of Xinjiang. The United States and other Western countries say China’s treatment of Uyghurs amounts to genocide.

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Hong Kong furious as protest song replaces China anthem at match

Hong Kong’s government has condemned organisers of a rugby tournament in South Korea after a democracy protest song was played instead of the Chinese national anthem before the territory’s team played a match. Video shared on social video showed the players looking perplexed as the song, Glory to Hong Kong, was played ahead of the final of the Asia Rugby Sevens Series instead of the Chinese national anthem.

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