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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 25.03.2022

New Directives on Sinicization of Religion

Pastors of the Three-Self Church have been requested to study new directives on the Sinicization of religion, signed by Wang Zuo’an, who is deputy minister of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the CCP and the director of the State Administration of Religious Affairs.

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Uyghur Oncologist alerted by high cancer rate amon Uyghurs due to Chinese Nuclear Testing 20 Years

Dr. Enver Tohti is an Uyghur living in London and an oncological surgeon. Twenty-two years ago, he had decided to part-take in a British documentary titled 'Death on the Silk Road' to expose the adverse effects of Chinese nuclear testing on the health of Uyghurs in their homeland.

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Amnesty urges Saudi Arabia to Halt Extradition of two Uyghur Men “Facing Torture Detention” in China.

Amnesty International on Wednesday urged Saudi Arabia to halt plans to extradite two Uyghur men to China, where the rights group said they are "likely" to face detention and torture.

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Uyghur Woman serving 20 year sentence

A Uyghur woman who spoke for an hour with a Turkish politician a decade ago during his visit to a famous bazaar in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region was arrested for her transgression in 2017.

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UHRP Welcomes Prosecution of Chinese Secret Police

UHRP welcomes U.S. prosecution of individuals who harassed and spied on U.S. residents at the direction of the PRC secret police agency, the Ministry of State Security. Today’s announcement confirms that the victims included Uyghurs and Tibetans, both in the United States and abroad.

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Tibetan Writer Released after 13 years in prison

A Tibetan writer jailed for 15 years for writings deemed separatist by Chinese authorities has been released two years before finishing his sentence, with no word immediately available regarding his present state of health, Tibetan sources say.

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Turkey Denying Uyghur Refugees Citizenship

The Chinese diplomat’s remark came less than one week after Voice of America (VOA) reported Turkish government authorities denied the citizenship applications of Uyghur refugees fleeing genocide by China in Xinjiang last year on the grounds they allegedly posed risks to Turkey’s “national security.”

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