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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 24.06.2022

Uyghur-heritage candidate urges Japan to 'embrace diversity'

While her campaign is not centred around her ethnic background, it is attracting attention -- positive and negative -- in a country where politics is still a largely homogenous affair. Ethnic Uyghurs generally hail from China's Xinjiang province, where the government is accused of detaining more than one million of them and other Muslim minorities in a years-long crackdown that rights groups say includes widespread "crimes against humanity".

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My career is finished, my friends are in prison and I’m an alien in my city’: life after Hong Kong’s Apple Daily

Wen weeks after the sudden end to my career as a journalist, I found myself standing behind a cash register in McDonald’s. My days as a newspaper editor at Apple Daily, which was forced to close in June 2021, were busy. Now, I take order after order for fast food.

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Human rights protesters heckle Chinese ambassador to Australia

Xiao Qian, who has only been in the role since January, had just begun his speech when the first protesters interjected, calling for freedom for Tibet and Hong Kong.The ambassador was repeatedly interrupted by sign-wielding protestors, some criticising China’s treatment of the Uyghur people as well as the university for inviting Xiao to speak.

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In Search Of My Sister’: The Poignant Story Of A Uyghur Activist’s Search For Her Sister Detained By CCP

The documentary called “IN SEARCH OF MY SISTER” follows Uyghur American activist Rushan Abbas and her campaign to free her sibling Gulshan, a retired doctor, from a Chinese jail after she went missing from her home in 2018. The film is being screened around the world at Universities, Holocaust Museums and US Embassies, in attempt to spread awareness among the masses about the ongoing genocide in East Turkestan and the number of arbitrary detentions carried out by CCP.

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Apple Faces New U.S. Law Targeting Uyghur Forced Labor

For Apple, the law’s requirements could bring some much-needed accountability. The Tech Transparency Project (TTP) and others have spent several years documenting how Apple’s supply chain is linked to forced labor from Xinjiang, but the company has consistently refused to acknowledge the problem and repeatedly issued the same blanket denials.

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Chinese artist hated by Chinese government Big interview with Badiucao

For many years, Badiucao has been openly talking about restricting the freedom of the opposition and censoring the Internet, distorting political events and propaganda. His works are forbidden, his exhibitions were tried to cancel by Chinese government, he can’t back to Shanghai because he will be arrested immediately. In this interview with Badiucao, we talked about his exposure of Chinese propaganda and China's role in Russia's war against Ukraine.

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Violations of Rights to Receive Education in Tibetan Language Raise at the 50th UNHRC session

Geneva: The Chinese government’s systematic violations of fundamental rights of Tibetan children in Tibet to receive education in the Tibetan language was raised at the ongoing 50th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

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