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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 17.06.2022

UN human rights chief could not speak to detained Uyghurs or families during Xinjiang visit

Michelle Bachelet has said wasn’t able to speak to any detained Uyghurs or their families during her controversial visit to Xinjiang, and was accompanied by government officials while in the region.

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China says Bloomberg journalist Haze Fan was released on bail in January

"Chinese citizen [Haze] Fan Ruoyi was arrested by China’s state security authority last July on suspicion of committing crimes endangering national security," the embassy said in a statement in response to a full-page ad in the Washington Post protesting her ongoing detention on World Press Freedom Day.

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How a Young Uyghur Became a Volunteer in Ukraine

There is probably no greater test in the world than adventures that may lead to death. The reasons for adventures as daring as going onto a battlefield can vary. In addition to conscious motives, there are also the subconscious ones Therefore, I was skeptical of the reasons given by Kavsar for going to Ukraine during the arguments between him and his mother, a family friend.

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Please, look after yourself and our parents, but do not call me again!"

Just a couple of years ago, I was happy, cheerful, and full of love. However, things have been getting progressively worse since my sister was arrested. My sister, Mayila Yakudu, 44, is a single mother of three. She was previously a successful saleswoman of China Life, a large insurance company in China. She was also a Chinese language teacher in a local languages school.

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Interview: ‘I am a powerless Pakistani citizen’ who ‘raised my voice for you’

Muhammad Usman Asad, a 22-year-old Pakistani student at the National University of Sciences & Technology in Islamabad, donned a doppa — a Central Asian skullcap — and clutched the sky blue flag of East Turkestan during a solitary sit-in to protest China’s repressive policies against Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the country’s far-western Xinjiang region. Asad staged his peaceful protest on June 10 during a campus celebration of China’s Dragon Boat Festival.

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Family of young Tibetan still in the dark 6 months after his arbitrary arrest

Chinese authorities arrested a young Tibetan language activist six months ago, and his whereabouts remain unknown, even to his family, sources in Tibet told RFA. Lodoe, son of Rigzin, is a university graduate in his 30s from Seshul county (in Chinese Shiqu), part of the Garze (Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan province

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China continues with cultural genocide of Tibetans and Uyghur Muslims

China`s quest for `national identity` and to place Beijing at the helm of the global geopolitical ranking has taken an ugly shape as the ruling party continues their ill-treatment of Muslim minorities of Xinjiang and Tibetans residing in Tibet. Chinese Communist Party`s ugly face of their repressions of Uyghur minorities in Xinjiang is not hidden from anyone.

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