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Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 14.06.2022

Rewritten Schoolbooks Say Hong Kong Was Never British Colony

New schoolbooks will teach students in Hong Kong that the city was never a British colony, the South China Morning Post reports, as Beijing seeks to tighten its control of the territory. The four sets of textbooks for a class on citizenship say the Chinese government never recognized the 19th-century treaties that handed Britain control of Hong Kong, the report says.

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China Has Released Bloomberg News Staffer Haze Fan on Bail

Haze Fan, a member of Bloomberg News’s bureau in Beijing, was released on bail in January, according to the Chinese embassy in Washington, more than a year after she was detained on suspicion of national security law violations.

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Why global brands won’t talk about China’s Uyghurs

Stonewalled by a lack of access to Xinjiang and threats of a boycott, big brands are avoiding the subject of forced Uyghur labour practices in China. Some brands fear that speaking out might imperil their other China operations and provoke of their goods. For companies who have spoken about Xinjiang in the past, like H&M and Nike, the consumer backlash has translated into lost sales totalling hunderds of millions of dollars

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Xinjiang Police Files: Inside China's brutal crackdown on Uyghur Muslims

Rahile Omer, age 15. Anihan Hamit, age 73. Chimengul Imin, age 31. Muzepper Ali, age 16. Omer Yunis, age 67. These are just five of the hundreds of thousands of people belonging to China’s Uyghur minority that have been brutally incarcerated in detention camps by Chinese authorities. And for the first time, we now know who some of them are.

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Michelle Bachelet’s Failed Xinjiang Trip Has Tainted Her Whole Legacy

The United Nations’ high commissioner for human rights is one of the world’s custodians of justice, civil liberties, and accountability. Navi Pillay initiated a U.N. inquiry into crimes against humanity in North Korea. Zeid Raad Al Hussein called for an International Criminal Court probe into atrocities committed against Rohingyas in Myanmar. In contrast, Michelle Bachelet, who has just announced she won’t stand for a second term as high commissioner, whitewashed the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

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Hong Kong was not British colony as China did not recognise unequal treaties ceding city to Britain, new textbooks reveal

New textbooks on the revamped liberal studies subject in secondary schools now state that Hong Kong was not a British colony, as the Chinese government did not recognise the unequal treaties that ceded the city to Britain, the Post has learned.

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OIC hypocrisy comes to fore amid Uyghur genocide

The Uyghurs speak a language which is similar to Turkish. They make up about half of the Xinjiang population. However, their numbers are steadily declining as state sponsored mass migration of Han Chinese (China’s ethnic majority) into Xinjiang is being carried out to dilute the Uyghur population there.

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