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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 19.04.2022

Kyrgyz Christian Testifies Before US Audience

Victims of Communism hosted a press conference at the Willard Hotel Washington, DC, to hear the testimony of Ovalbek Turdakun, a Kyrgyz Christian from East Turkistan (Uyghuristan) who had experienced detainment in a Chinese concentration camp.

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China Enforces Chinese Language Workshops on Tibetan

The Chinese authorities are forcing Tibetan parents to attend workshops and classes to become well-versed in the Chinese language, according to a recent report. The workshops are part of the Chinese government’s language assimilation campaigns where Tibetan parents are being instructed to play a crucial role in teaching the Chinese language to their school-going children.

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The Death of Hong Kong's University Students Union

The 2014 Umbrella Movement became a turning point. Student unions across Hong Kong’s tertiary education institutions joined the 79-day sit-in demanding universal suffrage. Student leaders like Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, and Agnes Chow rose to international prominence as the leading figures of the movement.

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Blinken Says China Continues To Commit Human Rigths Abuses

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on Tuesday, called Chinese President Xi Jinping -- an "authoritarian ruler" and accused him of committing gross human rights violations. Citing the annual report on global human rights, Blinken, during his speech, slammed the Chinese government for commiting genocide against the minority community in Xinjiang.

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Hong Kong Resident held in soutwest China

Authorities in the southwestern Chinese region of Guangxi have detained a resident of Hong Kong for taking part in the city's pro-democracy protests.The woman, whose birth name is Tan Qiyuan, but who is widely known by her nickname Nicole, was detained by police in Guangxi's Liuzhou city in April 2021 when she took a trip to her hometown after many years of living in Hong Kong.

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Middle Way” approach for Tibet not just about politics

A Middle Way approach to the question of Tibet’s status under Beijing’s rule does not concern politics alone and will benefit both the Tibetan and the Chinese people, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said in a rare political statement in India this month.

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How Arab States are “Major Culprits” in Illegal Uyghur

A new report published by the Uyghur Human Rights Project and the Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs has exposed systemic collusion and complicity between numerous Arab governments and Beijing in forcibly returning Uyghurs back to China. Children torn from parents, husbands from wives, and fractured families scattered to the four winds at China's bidding

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