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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 11.03.2022

Amazon suppliers linked to forced labor in China.

Amazon has continued to work with companies in China accused of using forced labor despite public warnings about their work practices, according to a report published Monday by a nonprofit watchdog group.

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Lawyer who acknowledges the Uyghur Genocide: We also obtained Xi Jinping secret speeches.

The informal commission reached its decision after a year and a half of examining the evidence and questioning the witnesses.

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UN Rights Chief To Visit China, including Xinjiang in May

The UN rights chief has announced that she will make a long-delayed visit to China in May, including to Xinjiang, where activists and western lawmakers say Beijing is subjecting Uyghur people to genocide.

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On International Women's Day There Is Nothing For Uyghur Women To Celebrate

Uyghur women, whether in East Turkestan or overseas, are living through daily torment. In staged propaganda, China shows the “happy faces” of dancing Uyghur women, trying to cover up the atrocities behind those smiles. China’s international media is heavily promoting its creation of a “new life” for Uyghurs.

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UHRP Unveils New Memory Project on Kashgar Old City, Latest in a Series

The essay features evocative photographs of the destruction of Kasghar’s old city. Werner Haug, a Swiss photographer and sociologist, took the images on a visit to the city in 2003. The essay includes Mr. Haug’s recollection of his trip, as well as responses to the photographs by four Kashgaris, born-and-raised residents of Kashgar now living in the diaspora.

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Covert group engaged in moulding public opinion in Tibet, other countries in favour of communist regime.

Amid the increasing assertion of China on the global stage, an article on Tuesday highlighted the role of a relatively unknown organisation called the United Front Works Department (UFWD) in subverting opinions regarding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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