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Sham election will make Hong Kong ‘just another Chinese city’

Philip Sherwell, Asia Correspondent

Sunday December 05 2021, 12.01am GMT, The Sunday Times

Police chase pro-democracy protesters in 2019

In the so-called “youthquake” of 2016 a surging tide of pro-democracy and anti-Beijing sentiment swept Nathan Law into office and made him, at 23, the youngest legislator in Hong Kong’s history.

But the wave crested and broke. Five years on from the territory’s last legislative elections Law has urged Hong Kongers to boycott or cast blank votes in this month’s new “patriots only” election, the first held under the strictures of a sweeping national security law imposed by Beijing.

“This is a selection not an election, a complete sham, but nobody is falling for it,” Law said, speaking from exile in Britain. “We won’t play their game as there can be no meaningful participation in this event.”

Hong Kong dissident Nathan Law in central London


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