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Retired soldiers or a news reporter are heading to Pavlova's presidential office

By Pavel's Team

March 8, 2023

Petr Pavel shortly after being elected president. Photo: Peter Pavel's team

After the inauguration, the new staff of the presidential office will also take office with President Petr Pavl. Some time ago, Pavel chose Jana Vohralíková, the former head of the Senate's office, as chancellor. In addition to her, the new head of state will be surrounded by soldiers or journalists.

Mlada Princová , who is to hold the post of KPR security director, is heading to Prague Castle as the last reinforcement . Princová worked at the Ministry of the Interior in the Department of Security Policy, she also headed the analytical part of the Office for Foreign Relations and Information (ÚZSI), i.e. civilian intelligence.

According to the media, the reason for Prince's involuntary departure from intelligence was disputes with the then director of ÚZSI Marko Šimandl. According to the newsroom, she was talked about as a possible successor to Šimandlo, but since last year Vladimír Posolda has been the head of the office.


The Chief of the Military Office of the President of the Republic will become Brigadier General Radek Hasala, who until now was the Deputy Chief of the General Staff - Inspector of the Army of the Czech Republic. He knows Pavel well - between 2015 and 2018, Hasala was the director of his office during his engagement in NATO. After his career in the army, he participated in leading several foreign missions, including in Afghanistan and Mali.

Otakar Foltýn , who headed the Military Police until March, will also sit in the military office . Before joining the Military Police, Foltýn served in the analytical department of the army command. In the past, he worked for the special forces in the Department of Concepts and Management or as a lawyer at the Inspectorate of the Chief of the General Staff. As a lawyer, he worked in three foreign operations in the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

Journalists or political scientist

The protocol under Petr Pavlo will be led by the diplomat Tomáš Pernický , who until now was the ambassador to Belarus. In September 2020, he was one of the Western diplomats who protected the well-known Belarusian dissident Svetlana Alexievich from arrest in her apartment. In the past, Pernický worked at embassies in Kyiv, Cape Town and Georgia.

The team of advisors will be headed by Tomáš Richter , an entrepreneur and one of the founders of the Independent Journalism Foundation. Until now, in Pavlo's campaign, he has focused on finances and finding sponsors. Richter operates in the hotel sector. He worked as a clerk in the KPR in the early 1990s under Václav Havel.

Jaroslav Zajíček - the current representative of the permanent representative of the Czech Republic to the EU and the permanent representative of the Czech Republic in the Committee of Permanent Representatives of Member States within the Council of the European Union - will then take over the foreign department . Zajíček was one of the key Czechs during the Czech presidency. He has experience not only from Brussels, but also from Washington, where between 2011 and 2016 he worked as a representative of the Czech ambassador to the USA.

After the presidency of Václav Havel and Klaus, Petr Pavel will also restore the political, or more precisely, domestic political department. Tomáš Lebeda, who is one of the most quoted Czech political scientists in the media, will take over . Until now, he worked as the head of the Department of Political Science and European Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Palacký University in Olomouc, he also has teaching experience at other universities. Lebeda is an associate professor of political science.

Speaker and constitutional lawyer

New speaker Markéta Řeháková is also heading to Prague Castle . Until now, she worked as the communication manager of the presidential campaign of Petr Pavel. She has worked with the president since May 2022, when she joined the team of his Together Stronger project. Previously, since October 2021, she worked as a security analyst at Semantic Visions and as a journalist at the Economia publishing house.

A prominent face near the Castle will also be businessman Petr Kolář , who was referred to as a gray eminence and the man who "created" Pavel. According to the incoming president, he should remain nearby as an "informal adviser". Constitutional lawyer Jan Kysela will be one of the official ones .


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