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London shul issues a “manifesto of solidarity” with Uyghur Muslims

Magen Avot Synagogue in Hendon has become the first to set out an action plan detailing ways to help the Uyghurs in China

By Jenni Frazer

March 23, 2022

Young Uyghur children in Istanbul collecting food parcels (Photo: WJR)

A London synagogue has become the first to issue a “manifesto of solidarity” with the Uyghur Muslims, and to set out an action plan for ways of helping them.

Magen Avot, a relatively new and growing United Synagogue community based in Hendon, north west London, has spearheaded support for the Uyghurs, who have been subjected to continued oppression in China.

Last summer Magen Avot co-sponsored a conference about the Uyghur people, together with Hampstead and Muswell Hill synagogues.

Now the community has set out its aims to help the Uyghur people, and condemn the slave labour and genocide which they are daily suffering.

The manifesto suggests different methods of challenging the “business as usual” response when dealing with companies which sell produce almost certainly manufactured using forced Uyghur labour.

People are asked to avoid buying products made in the Xianjing district of China, where most Uyghurs live, and, if there is no alternative to buying goods made in China, to ask the owner or manager of the relevant business to remember that consumers would prefer a choice.


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