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Japanese monks condemn China over the destruction of the Buddha statue in Tibet

Staff Reporter

February 8, 2022

Representative Arya with Ven. Hayashi Shuten and Ven. Kobayashi Shuei of Super Samgha

Tokyo: Representatives ofSuper Samgha, an Association of Japanese monks, visited the Office of Tibet, Japan, and met with Representative Arya Tsewang Gyalpo. Ven. Hayashi Shuten and Ven. Kobayashi Shuei expressed their shock and dismay over the violent destructions of the 99-foot Buddha statue and 30-foot Buddha Maitriya statue, 45 prayer wheels, and demolition of Tibetan monastic school in Kham Drakgo region in Tibet by the Chinese communist regime. They submitted a written statement from the Association expressing their solidarity with the Tibetans in Tibet suffering under the brutal Chinese regime.

They further appraised the Office of Tibet that the Super Samgha members joined the protest and demonstrations with the Tibetans, Uyghurs, South Mongolian, and Hongkongers before the Chinese embassy in Tokyo on February 4, the opening day of the Beijing Olympics. Ven. Kobayashi and Ven. Wakaomi read and submitted the statement issued by the Association to the Chinese Embassy condemning the gross violation of religious freedom in Tibet.

Representative Dr. Arya thanked the envoys of the Super Samgha and appreciated their concern and support at this crucial time. The envoys said that it is natural that the Japanese monks who consider Buddha as their teacher and his teachings their religion should protest when Buddha’s statue is demolished, and his teachings are desecrated. “This is not just a case of repression and brutalism in Tibet; this is a direct attack on the Buddhist religion.” The envoys said.

In the statement addressed to the Chinese ambassador to Japan, the Association writes, “It is regrettable that just before the Olympic Games, which is a festival of peace, your government has once again enforced religious oppression in ethnic minority areas, including the dismantling of Buddhist statues and the removal of prayers wheels in Drakgo, Kham, (Brag ‘go, Sichuan Province).

“Tibetan Buddhism is the spiritual and cultural heritage of all humankind, with a history that spans 1,500 years. Therefore, we, the Buddhists of the world, oppose the suppression of religion and human rights by your government for any reason whatsoever.”

Filed by the Office of Tibet, Japan

Super Samgha Envoys presenting the statement and the solidarity letter to Representative Arya

Super Samgha members protesting before the Chinese embassy in Tokyo

Super Samgha members protesting before the Chinese embassy in Tokyo


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