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Jake Tapper Confronts TikTok Lobbyist Over China’s Uyghur Genocide


December 21, 2022

CNN’s Jake Tapper confronted TikTok executive Michael Beckerman Tuesday about China’s ongoing genocide against Uyghur Muslims.

Tapper pressed Beckerman on China’s ongoing human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims. “Do you acknowledge that the Chinese government has these Uyghurs and others in concentration camps?” Tapper asked.

“That’s not something that I focus on,” Beckerman responded.

Beckerman also denied allegations that TikTok is censoring posts about the internment camps in Xinjiang.

“We do not censor content on behalf of any government,” Beckerman said. “That does not violate our content guidelines.”

“Why won’t you acknowledge that-” Tapper said, appearing to refer to the genocide.

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“I’m just not an expert on what’s happening in China,” Beckerman said. “So it’s not an area that I’m focusing on.”

Beckerman said content about Uyghur Muslims is still available on the platform.


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