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Hira Uyghur language school ordered to close in Istanbul

by UyghurTimes

Feb 23, 2022

By Hebibulla Izchi for Uyghur Times - Uyghur Edition

The authorities in Turkey have closed the Hira Uyghur language school in Istanbul, Uyghur News Agency reported on February 21.

Hira Mother Tongue School posted a statement on its Facebook page saying that the relevant government departments in Turkey had ordered the school to be closed under pressure from the Chinese government.

On International Mother Language Day today, Turkish authorities ordered to close 'Hira' Mother Language School in Istanbul as a key institution to maintain the Uyghur language. This signals the life-space of Uyghurs is diminishing in Turkey, Dr. Mamtimin Ala tweeted.

Uyghurs living in exile are increasingly worried about Turkey's pro-China policies. They are grieving over the sudden closure of Uyghur education in Istanbul when the Chinese aggressors are eradicating the Uyghur language in Uyghuristan (East Turkestan).

It is alarming that the authorities are not banning the Uyghur language in East Turkistan alone, but also Turkey said an Uyghur living in Turkey. China intends to abolish the use of Uyghur altogether.

He also said that Turkey's attitude was detrimental to the culture of Uyghurs, as the Uyghur language was a common heritage and spiritual resource not only for the Uyghur nation but also for the Turkic world as a whole.

Uyghur News Agency called the school's contact number to get more information, but they couldn't get a reply.

Below is an excerpt from a statement on Facebook on the closure of Hira Native Language School:

"The Chinese government recently handed over an official notice to the Turkish government, saying that the government allowing the Hira Uyghur School to operate in Turkey made them "extremely upset".

Dear compatriots, this certainly is another blow to every Uyghur living in exile. This sad news hurt the hearts of every Uyghur brother and sister. Not only the dedicated Hira teachers are grieving, as they have been dedicating their energy to the future of our nation, but it is corporate grief of the Uyghur nation and a blow of an ax to the root of Uyghur national education.

Luqman Muallim and the teachers in Hira are not concerned about their personal safety in Turkey. They are, however, worried about the smothering of the torch of Uyghur education, as they did with Abduqadir Damullam, Mamtali Tawfiq, and Abdukhalik Uyghur.

These days, when people struggle between truth and falsehood, oppression and justice, we can reach the destination of truth with solid faith and determination.


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