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Europe taking note of China's poor human rights record, underhand tactics: Report

by ANI

FEb 27, 2022

Beijing [China], February 27 (ANI): The poor human rights records of China together with

underhand tactics of Chinese businesses have led to toughening of the stance of European

countries, a media report said on Saturday.

China is getting into difficulties in its relationships with major nations of the European

Union (EU), including Germany, the UK, France, and Italy as well as smaller countries like


Human rights abuses in Xinjiang, suppression of democratic norms in Hong Kong, actions

in the South China Sea and the threats against Taiwan have started affecting opinions

against China in major west European countries, said Inside Over.

There is also concern over the absence of a level playing field in China as well as Chinese

attempts at securing critical technologies from the west.

"Chinese (business) acquisitions lead to undesirable technology transfers, Chinese

acquirers enjoy an unfair advantage because of government subsidies," said an article in

Review of International Economics in July 2021 quoting a European Commission analysis

of 2019 on challenges and prospects in relationship with China.

It further said, "Their (China's) acquisitions are motivated strategically with the objective to

get market dominance or to increase China's political influence in the target countries.

Chinese acquisitions also have adverse consequences for employees of target firms."

Several countries like the UK, France, Germany and Lithuania have in recent times taken

measures that reverse their previous accommodative policies towards China, the report

said, citing the Lithuanian Parliament's resolution against the suppression of Uyghurs, UK's

decision to not buy equipment from Huawei, and the coalition treaty of the new German


"We clearly address China's human rights violations, especially in Xinjiang. The one

country, two systems in Hong Kong must be reasserted. We are committed to a free and

open Indo-Pacific region, based on global norms and international law," the German

coalition treaty read. (ANI)


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