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Europe Must Lead Peace Negotiations on Ukraine, China Always on Side of Peace: Chinese FM

Wrapping up his European visit in Norway, Chinese FM Qin Gang said that China and Europe must “jointly oppose and resist ideological antagonism and bloc confrontation.”

By Statecraft Staff

May 15, 2023

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang with his Norwegian counterpart Anniken Huitfeldt in Oslo on Friday.

Chinese Foreign Minister (FM) Qin Gang laid down three principles to guide China-Europe relations, as he wrapped up his EU visit in Norway on Friday. Principles According to Qin, abiding by the following principles will help maintain the “stable development” of China-Europe relations “amid a changing and volatile international situation.”

  • The adherence to an inclusive worldview,

  • Commitment to a progressive view of history, and

  • Upholding the perspective of mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation

During a meeting with Norwegian FM Anniken Huitfeldt in Oslo, Qin said that China and Europe must “jointly oppose and resist ideological antagonism and bloc confrontation, and inject more stability, certainty, and positive energy into world peace and development.”

Issues of Concern

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Qin also elaborated on Beijing’s “principled position” on issues that have hampered the two sides from exploiting the full potential of their relationship, such as the sovereignty of Taiwan and Hong Kong, human rights issues in Xinjiang, and others.

He stressed that these issues “bear on China’s sovereignty, security, and development interests” and that China calls for “dialogue and communication based on equality and mutual respect, to enhance understanding, build up trust and dispel misgivings,” but “firmly rejects foreign interference.”


The leaders also exchanged views on the Ukraine War, wherein Qin stressed that China “always stands on the side of peace and has been promoting talks for peace since day one of the crisis,” which he said was a demonstration of “its role as a responsible major country.”

He also noted that as the conflict was taking place in Europe, the continent and its component countries should collectively “play a leading role in exploring a way out and achieving enduring peace and stability… through dialogue and negotiations.”


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