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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 10.06.2022

China sets up hotline with financial reward for “national security” tip-offs

China's ministry of state security has set up a public hotline to encourage people to report each other for threatening "national security," a broadly defined concept that criminalizes overseas contacts and fund-raising, criticism of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and peaceful political opposition.

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Uyghur University student in Xinjiang arrested for “attempting to divide the country”

A Uyghur student who had attended university in southeastern China was arrested last December during an internship in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region and sentenced up to five years in prison, his family told RFA. Chinese police arbitrarily arrested Zulyar Yasin, 25, at his parents’ home in Urumqi (in Chinese, Wulumuqi) on Dec. 14, said his aunt, Raziye Jalalidin, who now resides in the Netherlands.

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Handing 14-yr prison sentences to my father, 71, and mother, 68, is no different from life sentence

My name is Rayhangul Abliz. I am an Australian Uyghur living in Melbourne, where I arrived eleven years ago, in February 2010. This is a testimony about my parents. My father’s name is Abliz Tohti. He is seventy-one years old, and he is from Artush, Arghu. My father was a long-term businessman. However, due to his old age and deteriorating health, he decided to quit his job and rest at home instead.

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3 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists have honours revoked by gov't

Three pro-democracy figures – Benny Tai, Yeung Sum and Sin Chung-kai – have been stripped of their government honours. The latter two also lost their special status as justices of the peace, which allowed them to visit anyone behind bars. Honours may be removed if a recipient has been convicted of an offence.

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Scale” and “Scope” of Forced Labor in Xinjiang Increasing, Report Says

A new report on Uyghur forced labor in China finds there may be an increase in Beijing's coercive labor campaign targeting the predominantly Muslim ethnic group in Xinjiang, expanding a widely condemned program that China has long denied.

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Fury at UN Human Righs Chief over “withewash” of Uyghur repression

Dozens of scholars have accused the UN human rights chief of having ignored or contradicted academic findings on abuses in Xinjiang with her statements on the region. In an open letter published this week, 39 academics from across Europe, the US and Australia called on Michelle Bachelet to release a long-awaited UN report on human rights abuses in China.

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Tiananmen: What the 2022 Commemorations Taught US

With the world’s attention focused on Ukraine, it might seem that the anniversary of Tiananmen in 2022 would not be very much noticed. It was not so.

A shout went up from the crowd as a giant model tank was raised above heads and manhandled towards the barricaded gates of London’s Chinese Embassy.

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