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The Weekly Brief

Just a quick update in case you missed it.

Released on 15.03.2022

Disney Accused by Activist shareholder of complicity in China Genocide

Disney was confronted at its annual shareholder meeting over alleged inconsistency on responding to human rights issues.


Forum For Human Rights Workshops and Panels.

Training Workshop in Hague, Netherlands.

Legal overview on Uyghur Genocide at CFU's Training Workshop and a Panel with Uyghur Survivors of China's concentration camps.

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Hong Kong Watch Co-Founder and CEO Benedict Rogers threatened under National Security Law

Hong Kong Watch has received a formal warning from the Hong Kong Police Force’s National Security Department regarding its website possibly breaching the National Security Law. This makes Hong Kong Watch one of the first foreign organisations to be targeted under the draconian law.

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US Tells China: Give UN Rights Chief wide access in Xinjiang

The United States wants China’s government to give “unhindered and unsupervised access” to the U.N. human rights chief when she visits China and its western Xinjiang region in May


China's anti-trakkiking activists face vast network of vested interests

Non-Government investigators try to track down the missing using their own time and money

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Uyghur teacher in China's Xinjiang serving 7-year imprisonment for instructing in local language

A Uyghur educator, honoured previously by the government for outstanding works, is serving seven-year imprisonment in China's Xinjiang region for violating Chinese policy by instructing students in Uyghur language, said a media report citing one of his former students and a police officer.

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Tsewang Norbu passes away after reported sel-immolation protest in Tibet's capital Lhasa

Tsewang Norbu, a popular 25-year-old contemporary Tibetan singer who reportedly self immolated in late February, has passed away, a reliable source has confirmed.

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