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China's Brutal 'Hunger Games': Uyghur Genocide in The Name of Zero-Covid Policy | Exclusive Details

By Manoj Gupta

September 14, 2022

Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the community of Guyuanxiang in the Tianshan District in Urumqi in northwestern China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. (File image: AP Photo/ Xinhua)

Many Uyghurs have been found dead in recent days due to hunger and disease in their homes because of the inhumane restrictions, said sources

Residents of a city in China’s Xinjiang are experiencing hunger, forced quarantines, and dwindling supplies of medicine and food. Sources have told CNN-News18.

Uyghurs and other Muslims in the region have been suffering mass detentions in the name of religion and culture. Now, say sources, they are locked up in their homes in the name of China’s Zero-Covid Policy.

Uyghur groups protested in Istanbul on Monday near the Chinese consulate in Sariyer district against Beijing’s “Hunger Genocide” on the pretext of controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Around 3,000-3,500 protesters including women and children gathered outside the Chinese consulate in Istanbul, condemning the brutal lockdown in East Turkestan.

Many Uyghurs have been found dead in recent days due to hunger and disease in their homes because of the restrictions, said sources.

The residents of these areas are forcibly imprisoned, and cases of suicide have also been reported as they could no longer withstand hunger and pain.

The protesters also said that young children are starving and some have died due to hunger or high fever but did not get access to food or medicine.

Uyghur groups alleged that the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) is now using this Zero-Covid Policy to wipe them out.

Indian intelligence sources said that the CCP will have its 20th national congress in October and President Xi Jinping will try to get a third term in any case. All the Chinese aggression against Taiwan, the United States, and India is part of that strategy, they added.

A new breed of statecraft has been ushered in, branded “wolf warrior diplomacy”, which is very aggressive, discarding traditional diplomatic niceties, said intelligence officials.

The genocide and lockdowns are part of a strategy to rearrange personnel right from the local level that has been underway for a few years now and will yield results in the congress, they said. It will also be easy for Xi to gauge who is loyal to him, added officials, maintaining that delivery is the key.


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